Lights, Camera, Action!

Visiting ITV was such a cool, and hands-on experience that I really enjoyed. I guess I never actually looked into the whole “broadcasting” aspect of media, but messing around with the camera’s, and being more behind the scenes was something I had a blast doing. It was interesting to hear what  their production manager had to say about what people do behind the camera.IMG_1563.JPG

I never knew that there are so many people that have roles to help make a set, there are runners, lighting crew, technical crew, camera crew, and so on that contribute to making ITV one of London’s best on air-broadcasting stations. ITV actually records London TonightWhile we were on our tour, we actually had the chance to see what it was like being on the set, along with operating and maneuvering the cameras around, focusing, learning about certain angles, and learning about how important each camera meant to the set. I was fortunate enough to talk to one of the members at ITV about how long he’s worked at ITV, and what he did to work his way up to where he is today. From that, I gained a lot of insight and felt more connected to the broadcasting aspect of media, it allowed me to learn more about a field that potentially could be a career path for me. I had way too much fun messing around with the cameras, I honestly couldn’t get off the camera, I even felt honored when the guy showing us how to use the camera said, “you’re a natural at this.” Visiting ITV really opened a new perspective for me when it comes to broadcasting, although I am studying advertising, I really did appreciate the time I had with ITV and finessing with the cameras.  IMG_1562.JPG

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