Yer A Wizard, Harry! And you will be an advertiser, Emily…


“I’m a what?” said Harry.

“A wizard, o’ course.” said Hagrid.

A conversation we all know and love between arguably the two most kind-hearted characters in the history of stories.  The world of Harry Potter is magical, mysterious, and inspiring.  The movies have generated an unbelievable amount of buzz, and continue to as the years go on.  The books written by J.K. Rowling were so well known and loved that producers and film makers in the UK went crazy for them and had to recreate this magic on the Big Screen.  The one and only Warner Brothers Studios in London, England, jumped on this idea as quick as they could and began the production of the Harry Potter movies.   Among the production team was non other than the President of Warner Brothers UK himself Mr. Josh Berger.  Today my peers and I were fortunate enough to meet this man and ask him whatever questions we desired.  Mr. Berger first started off by telling us his background.  He is an American man from Los Angeles, California believe it or not.  He explained to us that he grew up around show business and was fascinated with it since he could remember.  He attended Harvard and went there to learn everything he could possibly learn thats not about film so he could expand his knowledge.  He was very interested in the Italian language and decided to take a year off of school to live in Italy where he worked for a film company.  He admittedly told us he actually had some connections that hooked him up with this unbelievable job.  He then returned to school to finish his degree and went on to be an intern/trainee in Europe.  Berger also explained to us a day in his life.  He said there is no set routine and that every day is unique.  He is responsible for business activities, investing in companies, running Harry Potter globally, and anything else that comes his way.  He currently is aiding in the production of movies right now like The Conjuring 2, and the recent release of Me Before You.  After learning about Josh’s background he then opened up the discussion to us.  We were very eager to learn from him and began with our questions.  The man spoke very intelligently and gave us all real, down to earth answers.  He did not hold back with what he wanted to say and did not act cocky with himself.   I myself loved listening to his words and it gave me a sense of admiration because it is unbelievable to me that he was once in my shoes not too long ago.   Becoming the President of a major company like that is something we all aspire to do and being able to see first hand what he does and learning about what it took him to get there was fascinating.  The more he talked the more it made me feel the desire to work even harder at my passions so that one day I may be able to be sitting in a spot like his.  He made it clear that he does not admire his accomplishments he just continues to dedicate himself to working even harder.   I was lucky enough to ask him a question myself.  I was curious as to whether he learned a lot of his skills in the class room or not until he got into the business world.  He answered by saying that he has always worked very hard as what he does whether its playing baseball, or what he does for a living.  He said that in high school he worked for a very small TV company and realized that if he worked as hard at his job as he does playing baseball, his skills would soon grow.  He perfected his craft.  The way he put it made a lot of sense to me. He honestly said something that should be so obvious but we sometimes neglect to actual do it; put your whole heart into something.  It may sound cliche but hearing it from someone like him really made me realize that anything is possible on this journey of life.  If you love something enough, make it your career.  Once it is your career, keep exploring more deeply into your craft because there is always something more to learn.  After the incredible morning with Josh, we were able to walk through the Harry Potter Studio Tour.  The tour was unbelievable on it’s own.  As soon as we walked through the gates into the Great Hall, I was awe struck.  Seeing all of the props and detail that went into the making of these films opened up my eyes to the fact that this entire story, brand, Harry Potter empire basically, was thought up by one human.  One person in this world wrote a book and it expanded so quickly that there is now attractions all around the globe focused solely on J.K. Rowling’s single idea about a wizard.  The inspiration that I received from today I cannot even put into words.  I myself am a Creative Advertising student with a strong interest in graphic design and it made me realize that I too could produce something great and it could become a household name as well.  The fact that there are so many opportunities in this world that we do not take advantage of is kind of discerning to me because I now feel like I could do anything I set my mind to and I could have been feeling like that all along.  I have learned more from today than I ever have in one day and that includes the fact that there is always room for improvement.  The President of Warner Brothers UK basically told us that he is still learning more every day.  He is still expanding his knowledge and trying to perfect what he does and he is literally at the top.  That eagerness to learn and grow is very admirable and I have figured out one major thing about myself from this experience; I am just as eager to be great.

Emily Morrow


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