I (Mar)mite have to try it

My blog is like Marmite; you either love it or you hate it.
June 7, 2016

Today started with a fascinating presentation by Nadeem Badshah, a freelance writer associated with popular UK newspapers like The Times. Although I’m not a journalism major, I really enjoyed learning about the industry and the path that Nadeem had taken throughout his career. Making a name for yourself in the journalism industry seems to be just as hard as making a name for yourself in the TV and film industries.

After a quick lunch, we headed over to the Museum of Brands. Our visit there was, by far, the greatest experience I’ve had on this trip thus far. We engaged in an activity in which we were to rebrand a famously British product so that it would sell to an American market. My group was given the task of rebranding Marmite, a yeast extract spread that is famous for being either loved or hated.

marmite love it or hate it
Marmite “Love it or Hate it” Slogan. Source

A few years back, I had tried a similar product, Vegemite, when my friend from Australia came to visit the States and brought some for us to try. From what I’ve heard, the two products are very similar. That being said, there is definitely a reason that this product is not on the mainstream US market.

With a bit of creativity, I was able to come up with a great product that I genuinely believe would have a chance in the United States. I simply changed the colors of the packaging to reflect the similarities between the UK and the US, redesigned the imagery on the package, changed a bit of wording to reflect US interests, and added chocolate into the formula. Honestly, if I saw this product on the shelf at Meijer, I would definitely be tempted to try it.

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