Long Weekend in London

While many people went and ventured out for Paris, and Amsterdam, I stayed back home and enjoyed my time in London. It felt surreal to even be in London, and it was my time to just settle down and rest for theIMG_1473 weekend, so that was nice. I didn’t do that much that weekend, but I was able to meet up with a friend of mine from Norway that I haven’t seen in two years.

Unfortunately, I was sick when most of the group went to go see the London Eye, and Big Ben, so my friend and I took a little adventure and went and saw the tourists attractions. We sat along the river soaking in the incredible view, and verbally catching up on what we have been up to with our lives.

NikeTown London: Google Images

So, it was a refreshing moment to be able to hangout and take on London with her. For the remainder of the weekend, I had it set in-stone that I had to go to NikeTown on Oxford Street. As soon as I walked in I was just amazed by the art, architecture, and the love for Nike. I mean, clearly, the place is going to have a love for Nike, but it was every Nike lover’s dream, or just mine.

Walking into NikeTown, I was already apologizing to my bank account, for me, it’s hard to control myself when I see nothing but the latest styles, and shoes staring right back at me. I loved how NikeTown advertised their products there. Each floor had a unique vibe to it, allowing the consumer (me) to look at more and more, I honestly didn’t want to leave, even though I was already there for 2 hours. That was basically the highlight of my weekend, I know it sounds slightly boring, but I was fortunate enough to be able to enjoy every minute that went by.

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