Gaming is Changing the World

By Brooke Segal

What do you think about gaming? The first thing that came to my mind was overweight teenage boys never leaving their dark room. It is human nature to stereotype the unknown. Today’s lecture from Brian Baglow, digital media expert, changed my view of gaming.

Video games originated decades ago with the invention of computers. Games, like Pacman, were invented to make the user lose and to pay more money. Otherwise known as the difficulty curve. The further along the gamer succeeds in the game, the levels get harder and harder. The difficulty curve still exists in games today, resulting in games becoming addictive.

The launch of the iPhone and the app store in 2008, changed the realm of gaming forever. You have access to millions of games in your pocket. In March 2013, Apple reached its 50 billionth download, rounding about 2 billion downloads a month. With such a large audience available, more and more apps are surfacing to the App store. Apps have become a huge platform for marketing and advertising.

The first day in Edinburgh, Scotland, continued to a visit to Kinloch Anderson. The finest tartan and kilt design in Scotland. Kinloch has the finest quality of tartan with a rich tradition and family background behind the brand.

The company has a high end market that design for celebrities and the royal family. Kinloch Anderson is also connected with global brands, such as Burberry. The company has expanded from the origins of kilt making to a global fashion brand. Pop up stores are popular in the asians markets.

Kinloch Anderson has barely any advertisement. They strictly advertise by word of mouth. They believe the quality of their products is enough to sell itself. Polar opposite from the media advertising and marketing advancements through the app store.

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