Helloooo Scotland

Alexandria Hughes

June 13, 2016

Its our first full day in Scotland!!! Before I get into details about our long day I am going to give an overview of our last weekend in London. As sad as it was to leave, we were fortunate enough to spend our last day celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday at Buckingham Palace. The night before my friends and I were very hesitant to go considering we would have to go 2 hours early to get a moderatly good view. Despite the dreadful 7am wake up call, we went and it definitely worth the wait! We saw the Queen as well as Kate Middleton and Prince George.

To be honest, we did not have the best view of the Queen; however, simply being in the presence of her and her soldiers was more than enough. Aside from the Royal family, we met a lovely couple that gave us history of the Royal family as well as details to the mystery of Queen Diana’s death. This celebration was a once in a lifetime experience I am greatful I got to see. Now enough about London, let me tell you a little bit about Scotland.


We arrived in Scotland yesterday afternoon. We were all so exhausted from lugging our suitcases around the train station so we ended up grabbing dinner (fish and chips!!) and going to bed early. Today we were scheduled for two activities, our first speaker was Brian Baglow, an expert in Scottish video games. He talked to us about the evolution of games. Although I have never been interested in video games I loved hearing the history and background of this growing industry. When you think of a videogamer, what comes to mind? Probably an obese, middle aged man that still lives at his mother’s house. Think again! This is not the case now days, games such as Candy Crush, Angry Birds and Temple Run are all games that people of ALL ages are fascinated by.


Lastly, we went to Kinloch Anderson, home of the finest made kilts in Scotland. We were given a tour of the different kilts and tartan patterns made in this well established business. Although I’m not a fan of kilts (especially on men) the Scotts take lots of pride in their traditional attire.

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