I’ll never forget the word Tartan….even if I’de like.

by: Darien Velasquez

13 June 2016

“The new reality is that interactive media is fundamentally changing every aspect of the creative industries.” – Brian Baglow

Today was probably the most random day I’ve had on my entire 5 week long trip. We started out the day with Executive Producer at Team Rock, Brian Baglow, who calls himself a gamer expert! I myself am a gamer and knew I would be interested before I even attended the session. I was the girl who used to play Zelda on my Nintendo 64 or Tony Hawk Pro Skater on my PS1 and let’s not forget Crash Bandicoot on the original Xbox! This lecture was even more interesting for me than I though it would be. Baglow talked about the difficulty curves and the home computer revolution of 1980 which was something that I was completely unaware of. He also talked about how 2008 was a complete game changer for people in the gaming industry because that is when the Appstore came out and people like myself were able to produce games and compete with some of the top dogs in the industry. This was all very interesting of course but I couldn’t be more happier with the major I chose.

We wrapped up the say at Kinloch Anderson, which is a prestigious kilt making company in Scotland. I was able to take part in the culture and see how a kilt was made myself and was able to ask questions and even look for my own family kilt. Of course I am Mexican and didn’t see the name Velasquez in the registry but it was still very interesting and I think this is a wonderful place for anyone who is trying to learn a little bit more about the culture. This is not a window shop for just anybody though of course, people that go into this store are going there for a reason, not just to look. We were very fortunate to take part of this unique experience 🙂

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