The Evolution of Games and…Kilts?

By Emma Fleming

Yesterday we arrived in Edinburgh…our last stop for this trip. So surreal that this amazing journey is almost over for I’m filled with so many emotions. I am anxious to get home and see my friends and family, feeling sentimental about all of my new friends, and definitely tired from these past five weeks. After a long train ride from London (see picture below of me being fabulous on the train) we arrived in the evening.

Just trying to get comfy here

This morning we began our day with a man named Brian Baglow who works in the video game industry and has had various jobs in the field. He explained how the industry he works in is constantly changing. There is always a new game or type of system coming out and all designers have to jump on that trend and produce something quickly. With mobile phones now being a household item, they have taken over all industries. With the introduction to the App Store in 2008, apps are now able to cross promote. For example, you could be playing Angry Birds and an ad will pop up that will basically persuade you to go and see the movie. Now that apps are a big deal for iPhones, the mass market is growing and evolving faster than ever before.

Next stop was Kinloch Anderson A.K.A. the company that makes kilts for the Royal Family! Although I would like to think that I am familiar with Scotland’s traditions (really only that they play bagpipes and that the men wear kilts), there is so much more to learn. I learned two things today: anyone is able to make their own tartan (pattern) and kilts, blankets, and other items with the tartan design on them are expensive. I’m talking about $300 for a blanket.

The Scottish take so much pride in their tartans and specifically kilts. This has been a tradition for years and years and is included in their military uniforms, in weddings and in the Royal family’s ceremonies. Maybe one day I’ll be able to afford a tartan blanket, but until then I might have to just stick to looking at pictures of them.


Fun fact: the store had a book with many last names and you could see where your family had ties in Scotland. They had my last name and below gives you a little more information!

IMG_8893 (1)

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