Kilt – That’s what happened to the last person who called it a skirt

Kilt – That’s what happened to the last person who called it a skirt

By Colleen Ferguson
June 13, 2016

Although I am not even sure I am Scottish, I found my family tartan. We went to Kinloch Anderson today, where we were introduced to one of the key symbols of the Scottish culture, tartans. Our guide, DeirdreĀ Kinloch Anderson, is one of the prominent family members who assists in running Kinloch Anderson.

Ferguson family tartan

She took us around the store, showing us the history of the kilt and the people who have worn them since the 1800s. She ended her tour by showing us just how complicated making a kilt is. The pattern has to match up throughout the entire kilt, moving with the curves on each person’s figure.

Before we went to Kinloch Anderson, we started the day with meeting Brain Baglow, who exposed us to the world of video games. He took us through the quickly changing and expanding world and showed us the part he played in it. I found it very interesting to be able to ask him questions about the blame so many place on violence as a result of video games. He explained that what we see in the United States with blame for violence and shootings being pushed onto the video game market isn’t seen at all in the UK, Scotland specifically. As one of the people who control the production of GTA (Grand Theft Auto) I found it very surprising that he hasn’t heard any backlash about a game that revolves around stealing and a strong about of violence.

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