Discovered in Scotland

By Jasmine Watts


Today we went to the National Museum of Scotland. I thought the I would be all museumed out by now but I actually found it enjoyable. The museum was 7 floors and had a great view of the city at the top.

Exploring Edinburgh

I watched a short film about the evolution of the planet and life forms on the planet. I liked it because it was much different from what I’ve gotten used to seeing in these museums.
The earth is 6.4 billion years old. The video showed the aging of earth and the life forms it had as a clock. Each minute represented 5.3 million years. I waited and waited for the time that humans showed on the planet. The clock was almost back at 12 and I was anxious. There were only 16 seconds left on the clock until humans first appeared. After the video was a small exhibit on the topic. I was surprised to see that the first ever land animal was discovered in Scotland. There are still 15 million years that is unknown to man about what life forms were on the planet dating between 360 and 345 million years ago. This made me look at history in a new way.

There were many other cool things to see in the museum such as their fashion, sports hall of fame, war artifacts, and religious figures. Leaving the museum, we passed a small cafe called The Elephant House. This is where JK Rowling wrote the Harry Potter books. It was not surprising that this small shop brought a huge amount of tourist to take pictures and grab a coffee. I’m still realizing the influence Harry Potter had on the U.K. and the entire world.


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