Don’t Put it on the Green Dot

Don’t Put in on the Green Dot

By Colleen Ferguson
June 14, 2018

The Scotch Whiskey Experience was definitely an experience. We used our last Tuesday in Europe to tour the Scotch Whiskey Experience where we were shown the process of distilling whiskey.

I had no clue how much of a process it is just to create this iconic Scottish drink (similar to rubbing alcohol). Our tour guide explained to us that the process can take up to twenty years for some of the most high end labels. Think of it this way, there is whiskey still being aged, that is older than 3/4 of the twenty people study abroad with Mass Media right now.

That being said, while we are young, we are legally allowed to drink in Scotland. So naturally, we had to go take a trip to the tasting room.

Whiskey from the tasting room


We had the option to choose between five different blends of scotch whiskey.

  • Highland – which had honey and vanilla aromas
  • Lowland – hints of citrus
  • Speyside – fruity undertones
  • Islay – earthy, smokey flavors
  • Or a combination of all of the above flavors

I chose Lowland, which I regret immensely. Either way, it was very interesting to be able to look into how much time and work goes into the process of whiskey making.

This is such a strong peace of the Scottish identity. As Deirdre Kinloch Anderson took us throughout her store, she explained to us the three things that make up the life of a Scotsman, whiskey, kilts and music.


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