Education in Edinburgh

Education in Edinburgh

By Sarah Staelgraeve

The Museum of Scotland was on the agenda for today (6/14/16). We arrived right at 11 AM after a big breakfast that helped to get our day going. We walked around gazing at the work until 12:30. In between 11 and 12:30, I realized most of the displays were about technology from past years such as sewing inventions for kilts, trains and automobiles. There was even a part about medieval knight armor and a display of what ladies wore during that time period in Scotland (we tried out some of the funky looking puffy dresses and had a big laugh). There were antique radios which made me realize how far we have come with our technology as I looked at my Apple iPhone.

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 5.12.31 PM
A look on the inside of the museum

see more of the museum here!

Today, I think about how fast news travels in the media compared to 100 and then 500 years ago. For example, the tragedy in Orlando, Florida that happened on June 12th .This terrible event ocurred in our home country, across an ocean thousands of miles away, yet we caught word about the horrific event when we got off the train, around 4 PM Scotland time. The technolgy and social media allows news to travel globally almost the minute it happens. If this would have occurred in years past, when the media couldn’t get this information to us and technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today, we likely wouldn’t have found out until we returned home this coming Saturday. The phrase “its a small world” has never been more appropriate.

We completed the tour of the museum and finished on the roof to see a pretty view of Scotland. I felt the cold wind and mist on my face and saw the famous Edinburgh Castle in the distance. The museum was a great educational highlight of my week in Scotland.

As the sun goes down on this Tuesday, I am in awe of how fast time has past and in three short days I will be on my flight home.

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