I can still feel the burn

By Morgan Lauer


Today, most importantly, is Reagan’s birthday!!


It was also our second day in Scotland. This morning we visited the National Museum of Scotland. We saw some really cool artifacts and learned a lot about the history of Scotland. A small section on advertising stood out to me, of course. Below is a picture of some print advertising from a long time ago. The whole sheet is completely full of words even some that are so small you can barely read. This is much different than our print advertising today. These days, if an ad looked like that, it would be unacceptable because of how busy it is, rather than simple and readable.

On the roof of the museum is a beautiful view of Edinburgh!

After the museum we had lunch at a Frankenstein themed pub. A lot of the pubs here seem to have some sort of theme. Last night we went to one where all of the drink titles were the seven deadly sins. It is different from all of the other cities we’ve been in where most of their pubs are very traditional.

My whisky tasting glass!

After lunch we went to the Scotch Whisky Experience and learned how they make Scotch Whisky. After the tour we learned about the different malt whiskies and the regions of Scotland they come from. Each had a distinct aroma that was relative to the region. We were able to choose one of them to taste. I chose one that was a mixture of all of them. I’m not the biggest fan of whisky, so it was a rough shot going down and I can almost still feel the burn (yikes).

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