Never again.

By: Alexandria Hughes

June 14, 2016

Let me tell you a little about the three things that Scotland takes much pride in. Tartans, which I witnessed the making of yesterday, Golf, one I have yet to experience in Scotland, and last but not least this nasty thing called Whiskey. Today we went to the beautiful National Museum of Scotland. We saw the history of Scotland, along with the many other elements that make Scotland unique. One exhibit in particular talked about how communication and technology has evolved in this country. Along with the communication, whiskey production played a huge factor in expanding their economy after the failure of grape harvest diminishing the brandy production. From that point on, whisky has been Scotland’s national drink.

I could go on and on about the history of whiskey; however I think it is more interesting to tell you my personal experience with it. After the Scotland National Museum we went to Scotland’s Whiskey Experience. Upon arriving I was unsure if I even was going to taste the sample they provide, but of course when you are given a free drink you cannot pass it up. Before I get into how DISGUSTING the shot was, I’d like to start out by saying there is so much that goes into making whiskey.

Our guide gave us a scratch and sniff card (seen above) with 4 categories on it. All four had distinctive smells; we were told to pick which of the following scents we would want in our whiskey. Many people along with myself picked the blue corner (Speyside) “the fruitiest” WRONG!! There was everything but a fruity taste to it. Having said that, I enjoyed the experience and the exhibit but whiskey is just not my thing. Never again.

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