Spartans & Tartans

By Morgan Lauer


Our last day in London was one that I will never forget; we got to see the Queen and the royal family for the Queen’s 90th birthday celebration. We were not very close to her, but it was still very cool to see her in person. Like expected, it was very sad to leave London. Since the first time I visited the city when I was nine years old, every time I have gone I’ve fallen in love with it even more. This time, I made a goal for myself. At some point in my life, my goal is to move to London for at least a few years.

My view of the Queen; far but still cool!

Today was our first full day in Scotland. We began the day with a presentation from a video game expert, Brian Baglow. At first I thought it was going to be solely about video games, but I was wrong. It was actually a very interesting presentation. Many of the things he was telling us about the gaming industry pertain to any field of study, especially communications. He said, “The new devices and tech will change the way you do [business].” This is very true, especially in my field of study, advertising. Digital and online marketing is starting to become the most important form of marketing and advertising.


After a lunch break, we visited Kinloch Anderson. This is a family run highland dress and tartan design company that makes tartan for the Royal family, and has been around for over 100 years. The company takes immense pride in their brand. We were shown how kilts are made and I was surprised at how much fabric and time (8 hours) it takes to make a kilt. The company does not do much advertising other than word of mouth, and they don’t even have a window to their shop. They have built up a strong and well-known brand over the years and continue to succeed.

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