Whisk(ey) Me Away to the Highlands

14 June, 2016

by: Marisa Ruggirello

Song of the Day: All the Pretty Girls // Kaleo

Scotland, I love you. I have loved you since I watched the show Outlander on Starz in the fall of 2014. I love your lush, green hills and your men wearing kilts. I love your history and how proud you are of it. I love your passion and may even like your haggis (to be determined). I even love your cold, windy, rainy weather. You are beautiful. I do not love your whiskey. Not one bit. Not even a little.


Today we visited the National Museum of Scotland  and I was immersed in Scottish history. As I have been making my way across the United Kingdom, I have been finding it very intriguing to learn about the history of the countries that I am in. In high school, I had an entire year dedicated to just American history. I also had an entire year dedicated to European history, so clearly (and understandably) we go into more detail with our own history than we do of other countries and so I have been trying to absorb as much foreign history as I can on this trip.


We finished our day by attending The Scotch Whisky Experience. I learned of the importance and history of scotch to the Scots and was able to even try a blended Scotch at the end of the tour. Needless to say, I will be sticking to other forms of liquor, if I do say so myself.



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