A Scottish Welcome

Emily Morrow


Well we have officially said our goodbyes to England and made it to Scotland. For our first day in the Land of the Scots we were able to meet with a Scottish man named Bryan who was a video game designer!  He began by telling us about what he does for a living and how games have evolved over time.  The first video games were actually the big boxes with screens in them and a controller that you can find now in arcades.  The games were actually designed to make money as you must put coins in them to play.  The games then began to evolve by being able to buy these games that you can hook up to the TV and enjoy playing at home. Then, the first video game counsel was released allowing consumers to play any game they want in the same counsel.  These games were pricey and addictive and are still played today with more graphics and features of course.  The one thing that he talked about that intrigued me was about computer games.  The computer allows game designers, web designers, any kind of creative professional to publish their work online to make it available to anyone and everyone.  He spoke about the app store and how many people have made good money just by designing a game and publishing it on the store.  As a creative advertising major this particularly interested me because I am currently designing an online portfolio of my past and current work.  I am always interested in other kinds of creative work and the work that game designers do is extremely impressive.

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