A Taste of the Culture

You can’t go to Scotland and not hear bag pipes.  Or see plaid…also known as tartan here in the Land of the Scots.  Today we were able to do a few things to get the feel of the Scottish culture.  One of these experiences included going to Kinloch Anderson, a made-to-order kilt designing store that is highly respected in this country.  Kilts are all personalized by color and family name.  You can design a tartan for your family name and then everyone in your family will have the same design.  We were able to hear about the history of tartan and Kinloch Anderson from one of the business owners herself.  She was very proud and happy to share with us her countries traditions.  This cool little trip was already a nice traditional touch to our second day in Scotland but the day became even better when Troy told us we were going on a whiskey tour.  The Scots love their whiskey and what is a trip to Scotland without a shot of Scottish Whiskey anyways? We first learned what goes into making the whiskey and it pretty much is just water, barely, yeast and other flavorings.  It is then aged for years and the wood of the barrels add flavor as well.  I myself am not the biggest fan of whiskey unless its mixed with cola so when we were handed a shot at the end of our tour I was hoping I could get a Coke! Of course that wast the case so I gained some bravery and tossed it back like a champ.  The interesting thing about whiskey is that usually the smell of alcohol is already bad so you know it is going to taste bad.  But with whiskey, I personally think it has an interesting smell that is very distinct and not bad at all. Today was awesome, I got to feel the tradition of Scotland just by experiencing a few things that they adore so much.

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