By Emma Fleming

Fortunately we were inside on this cold and rainy day here in Scotland. We were able to talk to some employees and walk around the beautiful building of BBC Scotland. This is one of the largest broadcasting companies in the world and definitely in the United Kingdom as well as Europe.

 For those of you who don’t know, BBC is the equivalent of ABC in America. They produce hundreds of TV shows and radio shows every year. Our presenter today explained how they used to be the top producer of TV shows, but now with Netflix, Apple and Amazon in the picture, BBC needs to produce something different from the rest of these companies. In order to be different, he said that they don’t produce the things that other companies do…for example on their radio shows they don’t have a section on pop music. In order to do this, employees are constantly having to come up with new ideas. The way they produce these ideas is by combining people from different sections (sports and charity sections) so they can collaborate and make something very new. As you see in the picture below, the building was designed specifically for this. The open area in the middle is where workers can meet up and talk about their upcoming projects.


The best part of the tour for me was when we were able to see the newsrooms and the studio that live shows were taped. Similar to ITV, the newsroom studio had many cameras facing the main desk. Although I could never be a newscaster, it was very interesting to see all that went into producing a show- lights, soundboards, prompters and green screens. IMG_8942

Our last stop was the live studio. I have to say…this room was not what I expected it to be. It was much more barren than I thought it would be. Obviously I know that this room fills up when the audience comes in and sets are brought in, but the space just didn’t seem big enough to fill it all! The ceilings were lined in lights and cameras and other machines (I couldn’t really tell you what they were).

Note the machines on the ceiling

Sadly, tomorrow is our second to last day of the whole trip. While I’m trying not to have a panic attack, I think it might be happening. Any who, today I saw something that made me weirdly excited to be coming back to America….Beyonce (obviously).


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