Lights, Camera, Action

By Brooke Segal

Only a couple more days in the United Kingdom, and the adventures are coming to a close…

BBC Scotland Headquarters

Today entailed a day trip to the BBC Scotland headquarters.  I did not know much about the BBC before coming abroad. During the past couple of weeks, I have noticed most of the channels on the UK television are affiliated with the BBC. My first experience with the BBC, was the Dr. Who Experience in Wales. (Click here for the blog post of the Dr. Who Experience). The BBC focuses on television programs, radio, sports, music, children’s programming, news broadcasting, and the list goes on and on.

The BBC is not your everyday news channel such as FOX, CNN, or ABC. In my classes at Michigan State University, professors focus on news channels and media channels being bias, and the effects it can have on the audience’s viewpoints. The BBC keeps a promise of unbiased reporting. They believe all the facts need to be reported and the public can make a decision for themselves. Non-bias reporting is extremely import in today’s political world. With the EU referendum in the UK and 2016 U.S. election round the corner, countries can not afford to be persuaded by the news. True facts need to be given to the public in order for their to be a fair decision.

Individuals tend to listen or read information that confirm their own opinions. For example, in the U.S., if a viewer has republican views they would most likely tune into FOX. Social media has perpetrated this phenomenon because the information is easier to seek. This causes a desensitized effect to all other viewpoints in the world. Why do channels portray certain information in the light of their viewpoints? The commercial funding behind the networks is ultimately controls it. No commercial enterprises control the BBC network.

I believe true journalism is what the world needs right now. There is so much evil happening in the world. Everyone needs to be accepting of everyone’s viewpoints. It is time to put the arrogance to the side, and bring the world together.


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