Reporting Live from BBC Scotland

By: Alexandria Hughes

June 15, 2016

This morning was quite hectic, breakfast opened up at 7:30am and the cabs came to pick

FullSizeRender_1us up from our dorms at 7:45am, to get to the train station at 8 am. Do you see the problem with this timing? We had 15 minutes to scarf our food down! Other than that our day was filled with an educational talk/tour of the broadcasting show, BBC Scotland. The BBC Scotland is located in Gasgow, Scotland about an hour and a half from where we are staying. This city is similar to Detroit in terms of how industrialized it is. Our guide gave us a lot of tools to take home; he also shared insight on how BBC is different from many commercial companies that broadcast in Scotland. This billion dollar business is unique because they take much pride in catering to a diverse group of people. In addition, they have an overwhelming amount of pride for their building. The building is structured very well in terms of how different sectors can come together in the middle. Their goal is to integrate all the different sectors to form new ideas.


Besides the history and information about BBC, we were given feedback on how to be successful in the specific industry. As far as the tips to succeed in BBC Scotland as well as other broadcasting companies, our guide told us what makes people stand out from others is passion and determination. As he said, if one person turns you down you cannot give up, if you are passionate enough they may find interest in you down the line.

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