Reporting Live from the Glasgow

Emily Morrow


Reporting live from the Glasgow *sings in Future voice*.  (Sue and Troy, you might not get that but everyone else will).   Okay anyways, so today we were able to do something pretty exciting.  We toured the headquarters (I am pretty sure headquarters, don’t quote me on that, sorry) of the one and only BBC news!  If you did not know, BBC is a huge TV station in the UK kind of like, well exactly like ABC or FOX network in the States.  We took the train from Edinburgh to BBC in Glasgow, Scotland.  The building was impressively huge, modern and contemporary.  Once you enter the building you automatically feel the talent of all of the working people either making cutting-edge news stories or dramatic soap operas.  We were able to see every floor of the 7 story building and learn about what goes on and where.  We had a chance to have some fun and play around on set of a real news room where the BBC anchors sit every day!  Of course we all had to get pictures pretending to be the stars of the show.  Our tour guide was very passionate about BBC and expressed to us that passion is what you need to succeed and stand out amongst peers.  This seems to be a lesson I am learning every day here and it gives me inspiration to succeed by putting my whole heart into what I want to do.  After this inspiring tour we were able to check out the city of Glasgow and I honestly loved it.  It was not as historical as Edinburgh but it still had beautiful architecture.  Other than the weather in Scotland, this is a great country.

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