Scotchity Scotch Scotch

Scotchity Scotch Scotch
By Katie Gotta

I’ve never experienced more pride for a country than I have thus far by the people of Scotland. From the traditional kilts & music to the magnificent traditional buildings, there seems to be no shortage of love and patriotism for the small but mighty country. With the country not even half the size of New York City, Scotland may be considered small, but they are mighty. 

This morning we began our day at the National Museum of Scotland, which to be fair would not be my choice of place to spend my day. Nevertheless, I still went and found myself enjoying my time more than I had expected. As we went up the floors of the museum the content became more and more modern until the top floor which essentially features the past 30 years. This is the floor I found myself identifying the most. Possibly because I had heard of many of the artists and music that had come from Scotland, or maybe because I could still see pieces found in the museum in the world today. Something that grabbed my attention in the museum was the section featuring the details of Scotch Whiskey, which is where we went next to go to a tasting. 

At the Scotch Whiskey Experience, we first went on a “barrel ride” that brought us through the making of scotch. This involved literally sitting in a barrel and being guided through the world of Scotch by a historic ghost making whiskey. 

Following this we went into a tasting room in which we were to pick 1 of 4 flavors of Scotch Whiskey to try, each coming from a different region of Scotland. We were given scratch n sniff cards to aid in choosing, and while I loved the fresh fruity smell of the green space coming from the Scottish Lowlands, after tasting it I was convinced I got the worst of the flavors. Nevertheless, it was an experience that I couldn’t have had anywhere else. And although I hadn’t felt great before hand (nachos from lunch took down 4 of us), with only a week left of the trip I’m trying my best to make the most of everything available to me.

As I’ve said all week, “I can sleep when I’m dead”

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