Signing Off at BBC News, I’m Sarah Staelgraeve

Signing Off at BBC News,

I’m Sarah Staelgraeve

Today was an extremely early morning for the students from MSU studying in Scotland. I woke up at 6 AM to prepare for our trip by train. We had to arrive at the station by 8 AM to catch the train to Glasgow. The ride from Edinburgh to Glasgow was about an hour. We arrived in Glasgow and made our way to the BBC Scotland headquarters. BBC stands for British Broadcasting Corporation and is equivalent to CNN back in the States. It was a fantastic opportunity for us, as students, to get a tour of the building.

A look inside

The visit started with us being welcomed with coffee and bakery items while listening to an introduction and summary of what the BBC is all about. Next, we were guided around different studios and offices enabling us to see what a day in the life of a BBC member would be like. There is no need to explain the importance the BBC plays in the media, as one of the largest news companies in the world, it is the media. The future journalist in the group seemed eager and excited as they saw a future vision of themselves. I learned that it takes a certain type of person to become a journalist. The journalist to be must be driven, passionate and willing to dig deep into whatever it is they are assigned to. One women who was working on a project had to get two security guards for her safety and in another situation, a man was working on one project for almost TWO YEARS. Now that is dedication!

Dedication has been an important part of this trip, and in the very near future dedication will be an important of our jobs no matter where our careers take us. Wednesday of week 5 has come to an end and in two short days, we will be signing off from the United Kingdom. For now its good night from Glasgow, Scotland.


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