The Transfer to Cambridge

By Brooke Segal

I have come to the conclusion, Cambridge was my favorite city of the trip. Besides the beautiful architecture, the nice people, fun atmosphere, and rich history make Cambridge amazing. I wish we had stayed a couple days in the magical city.

I have a weird obsession with college towns and love comparing campus to campus. College campuses in the United States are different, but all have something in common. A rich history in sports or an academic is always the underlying factor behind the college. Cambridge University did not compare to any campus I had ever been.

The university has schooled the masterminds behind ground breaking scientific discovery. Every building has a meaning. The grass holds seniority, and is a privilege to stand on. The university revolves around tradition. The tradition is so strong, technology can not change the aspects of the university.

At Michigan State University, grades are posted on student’s online portals. This grading system is universal to the American college system. At Cambridge, competition is the aspect behind the studies. After each term, Cambridge student’s grades are posted outside the graduating hall. Students find out their grade amongst their peers.

The world revolves around technology. I was shocked to see the best university in the world, not incorporate the media and technology more into their school. Maybe that is why Cambridge is the best university in the world. Traditional academics might make their students more successful.

The day visit was completed with a two hour punt ride along the river. Realized I am no punter, but I love Cambridge.

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