Trevor Doesn’t Know How to Use iFruit

Meeting with Brian Baglow was one of the highlights of this trip, mostly because I am a huge gamer, so meeting with someone who worked with Rockstar North (creators of GTAV) was unreal. I enjoyed how he presented his views on how the interactive media outlets, such as video games, are evolving, and only getting better. There is a lot of history and background that was mixed with in with his “lecture” that I found interesting. He began to talk about how the whole idea of arcades was to make money. It was the only way for people to help fund creators in the gaming market. Although games, have a stereotype of being anti-social, it actually brought people together to have fun, and have a chance to escape reality.giant-apple-logo-bw.png

With that being said, it came to my attention that because of the experience of the the home computer revolution in the UK, they now have a huge following in the gaming culture. Ever since Japan released the Nintendo, household consoles became a huge hit, and that created a spark in the gaming and interactive media industry. This allowed to bring games into the homes of gamers, who couldn’t necessarily¬†go to arcades all the time.

With household consoles, this opened up a whole new world for game creators, not only did the technology evolve in making video games, but the way we connect and are able to play together has changed for the greater good as well. Video games are even becoming more popular, thanks to our very own handheld devices. Our phones are able and capable to connect each other while on the go. According to Brian, there were over 50 billion downloads on the app store.angry-birds-online.png

Furthermore, cross media is becoming the new platform for how markets are distributing their product. The example Brian gave us was; Angry Birds 1.2 billion downloads through cross media. Angry Birds is hitting almost every aspect of media, ranging from games to movies, now they’re one of the leading franchises to hit the App Store.

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