Where Did the Time Go?

Where Did the Time Go?

By Colleen Ferguson
June 15, 2016

Although I am far from a fan of country music, I will give credit to Kenny Chesney and say he was right when he said “Don’t Blink”. It seriously feels like just yesterday I was sitting in Amsterdam worrying about every bad thing that could possibly happen during my time in the UK and Ireland. Five weeks later I am in Edinburgh, Scotland getting ready to come home with amazing memories and some of the most incredible people as friends as a result of this trip.

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We started in Belfast, Northern Ireland, some of the highlights of that trip were going to St George’s Market, seeing the city through the bus tour and on our final day going to the Belfast castle. Our trip to Dublin took us to Guinness as well as a few pubs where we got the true feel of Ireland. Wales was short and sweet. It brought one of the most guiding career talks yet.

Golley Slater walked me through the advertising business, and introduced me to the specific niche that I am interested in. London came with burritos so I have no complaints. We got to pretend we were in the Amazing Race for a short while and race through the streets of downtown London. Now, we are in Edinburgh, Scotland touring the history and culture of the Scots as the trip winds down.

*Nervously looking at my bank account*

Lastly, my personal recommendation about studying abroad. Go. Do it. Yes, the cost is a lot (it definitely is) but the things that you can take from it are so much greater. I am walking away with new friends, stories and a greater appreciation for cell phone service.

“Good things come to those who wait”

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