Reporting live from BBC Scotland…


By Ally Hamzey

I’ve dreamt of being in behind a TV screen my entire life. I dream, I dream, I dream. Working for an enormous corporation like BBC is seemingly an unattainable dream. As a college student studying journalism, we have lectures and we have guest speakers and we have words of wisdom that all spread the message of this: attaining our dreams is possible. However, it still seems so out of touch sometimes. Touring BBC Studios in Scotland today truly reaffirmed the notion that everyone in this trip can make their dream career a reality.

Ah! It’s real!

We were told today that passion and persistence is the key to transforming your dreams into a reality. This was a sigh of relief for myself because I strive to live my life with passion and persistence every single day. We were advised to find someone who is doing precisely what we want in the industry, and to find a way to a way to come into contact with them. That advice, in a sort, fuses with the advice given prior. In order to make those connections with those pursuing your dream career, you must be persistent and patient.

Reporting live from BBC Scotland…

I was blown away by all of the different dimensions of BBC. From news, to TV, to radio, to music, to countless of other facets of BBC Scotland: it seemingly never ends. The building was designed specially to embody the values of teamwork and creativity within BBC. I was enthralled by the emphasis of creativity and fresh ideas within BBC. Considering it is a seen as an impartial, objective corporation, I expected the focus to be on hard, reliable news. Yes, in the news department, that is the goal- to be as impartial as possible. We learned that there are rigorous methods of checks and balances to ensure there aren’t biases in their news. We learned that reporters have to go through intense training to learn BBC’s codes and policies for biases.

The architecture of the building allows creative partnerships to occur daily.

However, pitches for projects such as in investigative journalism and in their television programs is also a crucial component. I was allured of the idea of not being restricted to one compartment in a news corporation. It would be an absolute dream to work somewhere like BBC where I can use the overpowering ideas in my head and implement them into real projects.

All in all, I was mesmerized at BBC Scotland, and I cannot wait for the day that I work myself up to an organization like so.

It is definitely raining, folks.

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