Being able to see first hand what BBC Scotland was like, was remarkable. Although I am not a broadcasting major, I was still happy I was able to see what happens in the news room, production room, and witness how friendly and generous the staff was that worked there. I thought it was staggering that the employees were actually able to pick the colors of the interior of the offices, couches, and the food court. I found that very generous, and felt that employees love the creativeness that they were given. IMG_1695

I feel that letting their employees express their opinions and let them choose amongst each other, brings the work force together, which allows the work place to be more friendly and welcoming. At BBC Scotland, the building supplies three television stations, and has an incredible five radio stations inside the headquarters. I loved the fact that the employees at BBC Scotland see themselves as more than just a radio, television, and news studio, the fact that they think their purpose is to help others. It was extremely satisfying hearing that they put on charity events and raise money, and awareness for people in need. IMG_1704

With that being said, I think that people at BBC Scotland take so much pride and joy into what they do, because not only are they communicating with people through news stories, or radio broadcasts, but deep down their job goes much further than that. That’s what stood out for me when touring the facility, the love for the job, and the love for being able to be there for people, whether they know it or not.

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