Heritage & Whiskey

Exploring the National Museum of Scotland was extremely fun, and intriguing. The museum was fun and entertaining, along with being interactive.The museum had a very welcoming vibe and I automatically was interested in learning more and more. It was exciting to learn about the Scottish heritage and see how they evolved as a country with some goods such as: weapons, infrastructure, clothes, and even household utensils.IMG_1681

I loved being able to see the evolution of their way of communication.  One item in particular is the TV. The version of the TV that they had on display was model number 904, and it was was a radio receiver that was made in 1938 made for Alexandra Palace. The TV was constructed using a 5-inch cathode ray tube, progressively turning into a bigger, yet more efficient tube allowing the screen to filter onto the screen. It was neat to see something transition from what it was back then and see the innovative style of TVs now.IMG_1688.JPG


Later on that day we had the chance to go and visit The Scotch Whiskey Experience. The tour was very welcoming, and also interactive. I loved that they made the experience into a ride form. Instead of the casual walk around and look at how whiskey and scotch was made, this allowed me to focus on the making and learn more background information on how and when they started making whiskey in Scotland.  After the ride was over, we were brought into a room where we were taught about four different types of brewing flavors depending on the region of where they were distilled in Scotland. The whiskey I chose had the strongest after taste in the world (I might be exaggerating a little bit). But, as soon as I tasted it, I thought I had puked, the after taste was so horrific, I don’t think I could take another shot of whiskey. It was fun to venture out and explore Scotland in other ways rather than doing lectures, or even meeting with special guests.


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