I live the life I deserve, bless

by: Darien Velasquez

17 June 2016


Being in front of the camera….. yeah that has always been me. When I was a “wee tot” my parents got me into modeling, commercials and theatre because they saw something in me that I still sometimes have trouble seeing myself. Entering a corporation like BBC alone was a blessing for me, it changed my viewpoints on how I see myself and where I want to go with my future. I’m an aspiring journalist with only a year left in my schooling to figure out my entire life…no pressure. Walking into BBC helped me realize that there is so much more that goes into television than what we see on the screens. I don’t have to be the talent, I don’t have to do the reporting, I don’t have to do the editing and I don’t even have to do anything with avid to make my dreams come true (just kidding, there is no escaping avid). There is so many different departments within my field to make everything happen, my choices are endless. I’m blessed to have chosen a career where I can explore and create. There is no (one job)…the possibilities are truly endless.

This study abroad program has helped myself and others make connections that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. I was able to walk into BBC and watch young people just like myself pursing their dreams and making it happen. I’m excited for my final semesters to come so I can bang them out and start my career as a broadcast journalist!


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