Take pride in your roots

By Camille Douglas


I didn’t think that there was anyone more into video games or Grand Theft Auto than my little brother… until I met Brian Baglow. As executive producer at Team Rock, a Scottish games network, Brian has sure led a career dedicated to understanding the way video games have impacted society.

Though I am someone who doesn’t really care for video games at all, I found Brian’s presentation regarding how video games have evolved to become their own means of communication very interesting and compelling. He focused on connecting how video games have been on the forefront of helping to advance technology. He gave reasons as to how digital and online marketing for video games is crucial to the advertising and sales of games.

Our afternoon was dedicated to visiting Kinloch Anderson, a family-run kilt-making company that has been around for sixth generations. Over the 100+ years it has been in business, Kinloch Anderson has established a very notable reputation within Scotland, as they make and provide tartans and kilts for the royal family.


Kinloch Anderson also contrasts the uniforms for some of Scotland’s and U.K.’s guards. These are some of their designs from over the years. 

Upon coming to Scotland, my family told me to make sure I look up the family crest, as my dad’s side of the family are from here. Though I could have just Googled it at that time, I decided to wait until Scotland to do so. At a local store, I did just that, and to my surprise, it wasn’t what I expected it to be. I pictured in my mind that the crest would be pretty bad-ass looking, maybe have a lion or a sword, a crown, or maybe a lion wearing a crown, holding a sword. Instead, my family crest is one with a salamander amid flames on a chapeau.

The Douglas clan crest. 

Though I have still not been able to find what the family crest means after doing some extensive research, but I also think that the Douglas tartan makes up for the crest. It’s deep blue, green, black and white pattern is very appealing to the eye, and in a practical sense, this pattern can match anything. It also embodies all my favorite colors which is maybe why I take much of a liking to the design. I think I found the perfect gift to give to the members on my dad’s side of the family.

The Douglas clan tartan.


While looking more into the tartan, I found on Kinloch Anderson’s website a collection of the Douglas tartans throughout the years. There are a lot of variations of the tartan, having touched up the design and style just a bit over the decades. As I look at these variations, I can see a relation to how evolution of the modern Douglas tartan is similar to the evolution of the gaming industry. Just like the means of technology and communication, fashion is always undergoing change as well. What’s in this season will be out next season. Just like gaming, fashion is its own branch of media. Fashion magazines like Vogue or tv shows like Project Runway target a certain audience and provide them with the latest trends and looks in the fashion-forward world.




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