The BBC and Me 

The BBC and Me

By Katie Gotta


It’s hard to believe that today is one of our last days of the trip. It felt like yesterday I was spending 100 pounds in my sleep deprived state after getting off the plane in Belfast. Now 5 weeks in I feel like I’ve not only figured out much of the UK, I’ve gained a sense of pride and connection to this once unknown area.

When I was 12 I was obsessed with Broadcast Journalism. I took on camera classes, starred in commercials and was convinced that broadcast was my life passion. That turned out not to be entirely true, but I have found aspects of the career that appeal to me even today. This has been highlighted through our day at BBC, in which we were guided around the studios by a senior executive, visiting all areas of the enormous HQ. 

We began the day with an informative session with the man guiding us for the day. He spoke about the general purpose of BBC and what they stand for as a company. What I resonated the most from this discussion was how unbiased the network is. They aren’t there to make politicians happy, nor are they there to make millions off advertisements. BBC exists because the public wants them to, making them a public service broadcasting. 

When listening to one of the executives of the company discuss their work culture, I could feel his sense of pride for the company and what they stand for. The BBC isn’t just a news company, they are philanthropists and environmentalists, supporting documentaries of all ranges to broadcast what the people of the world want to hear and learn about.

There is nobody else like the BBC in the world, making them so interesting and a crucial part of un-biased media in the modern era. BBC Scotland helped me understand this, and I thank them trumendously for letting 20 American students into such a influential and powerful environment. 

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