BBC You Soon, Glasgow

Please hire me, BBC Scotland.
June 15, 2016

We had an extremely early start today to catch a train to Glasgow for our visit at the BBC Scotland headquarters. This was one of the visits that I’ve mainly been looking forward to this entire trip. I’ve been a reader, listener, and viewer of the BBC for years now, so having the opportunity to visit the Scotland headquarters means a great deal to me.

Seriously, hire me.

Over the course of the visit, we learned a lot about how the BBC has policies in place to remain impartial, how BBC Scotland works in partnership with the main BBC headquarters in London, and how operations are handled across radio, television, and print within the BBC. We also got to see the studio where the news is broadcast out of! It’s crazy how many people are needed to work together for a single news broadcast to be aired.

I’m ready for my close-up.

The most interesting part of the visit was seeing how operations are affected by the design of the building. BBC Scotland’s current headquarters were built in 2007 and were designed to bring all sectors of the BBC together, rather than separate them. There is also an interesting feature of the building that allows the common space of the building to act as a studio space without being enclosed or transformed. They also have a bunch of large, enclosed studio spaces that regularly host live-audience shows and live-coverage of news events.

Look at all those chickens.

The workplace environment at the BBC was one that I never would have even imagined would exist. This definitely seems like the type of place that I would enjoy working in. Maybe someday I’ll be able to do an internship there (hmu BBC).

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