The End of an Era

The End of an Era

By Katie Gotta



The past 5 and a half weeks have been intense, challenging, yet some of the most rewarding ones of my entire life. While I could credit the great success of the trip to the organization done by the administrators of the trip and the fun activities we went on every day, I feel like the main reason the trip was so successful was the group we were with. There was not a single person I disliked or didn’t want to associate with. Even if you think you didn’t make an impact on me, you did. I will remember you all and here are some of the reasons:

Darrien: I still remember the first day in London when you were wearing your sweatpants and oversized Miami t-shirt and you had complained to me all day how uncomfortable you were. Fast forward 4 hours after you got lost and you walked into the flat sweating and just went off about everything. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever experienced and I want to be sorry but I’m really not. Thank you for making me laugh so hard my stomach hurt on numerous occasions.

Emily: My Scotland roomie, my twin and my crazy lil friend. You’re one of the sweetest but low key crazy people I’ve ever met and I love it. Quote of the trip: “I’m more of a modern girl” thanks my making me laugh smile and letting me be me.

Ally: When I first met you I was so intimidated as you had such a strong, fierce attitude. I saw you as someone who tells it like it is and 5 weeks later and I’m happy to say my first impression was right. You take shit from no one and are the first one to defend your friends. Keep doin you girl.

Marisa: From bonding over the Jonas Brothers and blasting their music throughout our flat to crying together while watching Les Miz, we seemed to have so much in common which brought so much comfort to me. You’re also one of the most loyal people and I’ve seen you do so much for people you care about (similar to Ally).

Lauer: My sweet, sweet Lauer. What do I even say to literally the nicest person in the world. Never did I see you whine or pout, you always had a smile on your face and made London so much better. Molly was right about you and I’ve loved getting to know you.

Morgan Bayne: You see the world in a different way, which led to London being a rough time for you. But as rough as it may have been, I saw you pick yourself back up afterwards and that takes a lot of strength (or maybe it was from that pep talk I gave you). I hope you get to see Josh from You Me at Six many more times, and who knows, maybe we’ll run into each other at one of their concerts.

Camille: In Scotland at that Jekyll and Hyde bar we all seemed to get drinks that reflected our personalities (I got sloth, because of course) and you got Kindness, which couldn’t be more accurate. You are so lovable and amazing and I loved hanging out with you all day on the Queens 90th (which was honestly one of the best parts of the trip). Stay sweet my dear.

Colleen: Just wanted to tell you I found that black and white patterned shirt you wore to BBC at Primark and I immediately got it (didn’t try it on- hope it fits). Anyways, you are sweet, funny and an all around good time. You are real and honest, and I knew I could trust you the minute I met you. Gonna miss watching you laugh so hard you fall over at the stupidest things.

Aron: When I met up with my friends following the program they asked if we had any guys on our trip and I smiled ear to ear and told them how we had one of the sweetest guys I’ve ever met on our trip. How you dealt with us for 5 weeks is beyond me, but I genuinely mean it when I say you are one of the greatest guys I’ve ever met. So kind, hilarious and the ultimate gentleman. I still regret not turning around and going with you to the hospital cause that broke my heart. Glad you made it out alive.

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Allison: You’re so easy to talk to and always make it your goal to make sure everyone is included in whatever we do. My fellow city girl, I know everyone hated us (well, mainly me) for always getting ahead on the tube but we just couldn’t help it. I loved exploring London with you and I hope you had/have a great time with your friends after the program.

Jasmine: Jazzy (sorry) you are straight fire. First of all, you come off so sweet and innocent but if someone messes with you, or anyone else for that matter, there is hell to pay. I’ve loved seeing all these different sides to you.

Reagan: If you were a cartoon character you’d be Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls. Your sweet but charismatic personality lights up a room and when you get a few drinks in you this becomes even more heightened. How you managed to be so bubbly yet so real is beyond me. Happy 20th my girl.

Alexandria: *Troy/Sue you might not want to read this one* I will never forget Amsterdam with you and how those 2 hits of that joint lit you up. You not being able to open your eyes at the dinner table was low key one of the funniest moments, and I couldn’t stop laughing (and trying so hard to hide it) at the other end of the table.

Emma: I’m sorry for dragging us all into that really nice Italian place right after that sketchy ass Coffeeshop. I’m still embarrassed about it, but at least we got really good pizza? I wish I got to know you better but I’m sure we’ll see each other around campus (tailgates) frequently. Hope you have fun traveling Europe with your fam!

Holly: Love how we were neighbors all of last year but didn’t know each other at all. You are one of the funniest people in the most bizarre way. Never will I forget the night at the Zoo when you were just not having it and were determined it was time to go at 12:30. After the program this past weekend I returned to the Zoo with my other friends and it just wasn’t the same. Nevertheless, long live the zoo.

Brooke: I’m so mad I didn’t start really talking to you until the end of the trip because you’re one of the coolest people I’ve met. You’re so easy to talk to and so much fun to hang out with. You do what you want, not what anyone else does, and I admire that entirely.

Sarah: Someone had told me you were going on this trip before we met and they said you were so fun and sweet. They were right because you’re so nice, real and just an all around good time. Thanks for being part of the Cambridge punting crew in which we crawled against a wall for an hour and got yelled at more times than we’d like to remember.

Mia: The Draco to my Neville and the Brie to my baguette, simply put- thanks for dealing with me. Being your roommate for the first 2 weeks of the trip was so much fun and how we got through that part so smoothly (and not wanting to rip each others heads off) is beyond me. Thanks for letting me use your straightener everyday even though I bought my own, and for letting me wear half your wardrobe semi-regularly. A few notable nights to laugh at: when we went to that Elephant bar in Camden where you drank absinthe and turned into the most batshit crazy person I’ve ever met. Cardiff where we each got 3 pitchers and you were talking to some 35 year old all night. The night at the Zoo when we were each other’s wingmen to get free drinks (which I recently found were £9 each). When we went to that Latino Club and you became Meana (shoutout to Amara for being the middle guy between two very angry and happy extremes). I hope you’re having so much fun with your family in South Africa and I can’t wait to hear about your adventures there when you get back. Luv u lots.

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Amara: We became friends through a puppy filter on snapchat. Why? Because we’re both equally as weird and crazy. There are so many things I love about you- like how you dance everywhere you go (such as waiting for the tube or after hiking a mountain), how you’re able to sleep literally everywhere you go (meanwhile I’m on a 9 hour plane ride right now and instead of sleeping I’m writing this), and your adventurous spirit that is always looking to learn more about the world. Thanks for eating as much as I have on this trip and making me feel better about the night in Amsterdam we ate an absurd amount of McDonalds (9 piece chicken nuggets, large fries, fudge sundae, an entire bag of chips (crisps) and about 4 dutch syrup waffles in one sitting). Can’t wait to tear up tailgates with you in the fall and I’m eagerly anticipating our first 2 on 2.

There are so many more things I could say to each of you but I hope these messages will suffice. You all have made an impact on my life whether you know it or not, and these are memories I will take home with me forever. I hope to see you around campus soon. Thanks for the memories, fam.

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